John Baldwin DP

John Baldwin

John Baldwin DP

Freelance Director of Photography & Camera Assistant

My story

From a small town in Oregon, John is passionate about creating quality and inspiring films, music videos and other creative content as a catalyst to change lives. He strives to create unique and compelling visual stories and content that resonates with audiences.


Located in Los Angeles with a film degree, John ventured into the film industry freelancing as a Cinematographer, Assistant Cameraman and Camera Operator.


Within the last few years, John has shot 30+ projects which include short films, promotional content, music videos, and he also has 1st AC’ed a total of 10 projects. He is most known for his cinematography work on The Fabulous Misadventures of Pizza Boy (2023), Sisters (2022), and Pink Matter (2022). John has gained proficient skills in designing shot-lists, overhead lighting diagrams, storyboards, and activated proficient research for lenses, cameras and gear appropriate for the occasion. He has conceptualized and operated closely with directors to visually bring scripts to life in unique and beautiful ways.


Working with teams on sets up to 40 people, John has learned how to work under pressure, communicating his vision and actively solving problems when they arise. Along with his experience on set, John is also hired as an in-house camera specialist and camera operator for Concept Pixels Entertainment, INC. where he shoots live events including concerts and corporate events.


He has also shot and edited 8 wedding films, 10 weekly highlight recap videos at Mt. Hermon summer camp, camera operated a TikTok for Zach King, as well as interned as a set production assistant for the third season of the TV series, The Chosen.



Arri Alexa, RED, Ronin 4D, Blackmagic, Canon Cinema, DJI Mavic drones, Ronin gimbals, Kessler and Porta Jibs, Sidus Link App

Highly trained in Premiere Pro, Shot Designer, VR Workspaces

Competent in DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Avid Media Composer

FAA Commercial Drone Experience


Available for hire in Los Angeles, John is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with innovative and visually stunning content.

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